Governmental standard

Governmental standard:

Baby stroller products are related to child safety products. China's relevant departments have promulgated the "National Toy Safety Technical Specification" standard, and introduced compulsory product certification of toy products to protect the lives and health of children as much as possible, and safeguard the interests of consumers. . The concept of toy safety is to prevent children from harming children's own defects to the greatest extent possible under normal use or foreseeable and reasonable abuse. These defects may come from design, manufacturing processes or materials.
 Inspection of key components In accordance with relevant regulations, safety stroller products involved include children's bicycles, children's tricycles, baby strollers, baby walkers, toy bicycles, electric baby carriages and other toy vehicles. Some of these vehicles are mainly pushed by adults, such as baby strollers. Some are mainly manipulated by children themselves, such as children's bicycles and tricycles. These vehicles not only have small parts, but also functional parts such as folding handrails and conveyor belts. Once these parts have quality problems or malfunctions, they will not only affect the use of the vehicles, but also seriously affect the personal safety of the children. Threatened. Therefore, consumers should pay special attention to the inspection of the following key components when purchasing baby carriage toys.
 A toy cart, toy four-wheeled stroller, toy bassinet, and the related product, having handles or other folding mechanism parts in accordance with the relevant standards, if the handle or other structural parts may be folded against the child, there should be at least one main locking device And a pair of locking devices, the two devices should act directly on the folding mechanism; when the toy car is installed, at least one of the locking devices should be able to automatically lock. At the time of purchase, consumers not only need to check if there are enough devices, but also carefully check their quality. There have been incidents where the failure of the handrail of the stroller caused the child's hand to be pinched.